This started as a blog about teaching in Korea.  It turned into a blog about taekwondo.  Then it became about unexpectedly falling in love.  When that man dragged me back to America, it became about repatriation, reverse culture shock, and immigration.  What’s next?

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    • A bunch of a my blog is actually missing (long story, that). I was there for two years total. I met Good Man just before the one year mark (we met in June 2007). We moved to the States so he could do grad school (his plan before we met) in summer of 2008.

  1. Hello, Amanda,
    I work at an English language placement company. I know that it might be strange to receive a message from one now that your quite obviously settled back in America. We are actually looking for some experienced teachers to contribute to a writing project we are putting together. After going through many blogs I came across yours. I feel from your writing that you enjoyed your time in Korea and are one heck of a good teacher. I can also noted that you integrate a lot of your experiences into how you approach teaching in America. We would love to get your insight. If you are interested in contributing and would like to know more. Please email me: tom.worknplay@gmail.com.

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