Moving to Korea

Germany photos are up.

I am moving to Korea in approximately a month. I will be teaching English in a city right outside of Seoul.

I took the job Sunday and am now working through international red tape.

The *thunk* you just heard is my head hitting the table.

When I told my students, one boy (the same who yelled, “Cool! Ms’s going to Germany!”) yelled, “Gosh! Our teacher is so cool! Nobody else has a teacher going to Korea!” Another student said, “You’re going to South Korea, right, because North Korea is still…uh, uh, communist, right?”

I was feeling very pleased that the students remembered this until one said, “Where’s Korea?” and another responded, “Africa.” I threw my hands up in the air and another student said, “No! It’s in Asia! Remember? We learned about Korea and Japan at that airplane place [CAF hangar for a field trip] and China and the USSR were all communist after World War II. Like East Germany.”

At least one of them listened during the year.