A Weekend Trip and He Doesn’t Listen

At the Dunkin’ Donuts at Nambu Bus Terminal.

“Good Man, what kind of coffee do you want? Latte?”


A few moments later, I was ready to order, but he was eying juice, so I wanted to make sure he still wanted coffee. “Cafe latte?”


A few moments later, “How about a grape juice,” he asked.

“OK, but you still want cafe latte?”


I put the tray on the counter and said, “오렌지 주스, 포도 주스 하고 케페 라테.” Orange juice, grape juice, and a cafe latte.

Good Man looked at me. “Why did you order a cafe latte?”

I stared at him. “You just told me you wanted one! Three times!”

“No,” he shook his head.



This weekend Good Man and I headed to Jeonju to see some friends of mine. We had a great time and I ate the famous-for-reasons-I-can’t-figure-out-Jeonju bimbap. Photos are in the gallery (I finally got some great market shots!), but here are a few of my favorites.

Spring is Here

I like this photo—which I obviously took in front of Good Man, though he didn’t notice—best in black-and-white. My nails were short for my test.


I have always wanted to get market shots, but markets are usually so crowded and the ajummas glare at you… But Jeonju market wasn’t very busy, and I finally got some good shots, including some shots of what I call a “fish kite.”

Fish Kite

After the market and dinner, we went to a bar. I was so tired, I was just leaning into Good Man, resting. At one point we were talking very close, quietly, and this photo was shot. Last year, Master and I had drinks together. He talked about his wife the way any woman would want to be talked about by her husband behind her back. I immediately thought of that when I saw how Good Man was looking at me in this photo.

In fact, we were scolded for being a bit too close by Friends’ Friends. It didn’t stop us, though…


Good Man spotted this woman and has some lovely, lovely photos of her in the gallery.

Smoking Woman

Sunday morning, I took this photo. It breaks so many rules of composition, yet I love it.

Good Man

More photos are in the gallery, including photos of the best (or possibly worst…) advertised lingerie store I’ve ever seen.

Jeonju Weekend Trip