Never Take Fruit From Strangers

Walking to the bus stop, my Strawberry Guy stopped me to chat. He gave me two gul and tried to sell me some tomatoes. Then he tried to sell me these small orange things the size of shooter marbles.

I asked what they were and he gave me one. I started to peel it and he shook his head, no. He picked off the stem end, then polished the fruit on his jacket. He popped it into his mouth and chewed. I expected him to spit out the skin, but he only spit seeds into his hands. Weathered hands, I suspect they’re always slightly dirty.

I followed his lead and popped the fruit into my house. One bite and I felt my cheeks twist.

“읗…읗 살탕! 살탕 필요해요!”

He looked at me, “Sugar?”

I nodded. This fruit was much too sour. He gestured for me to spit the fruit out a few feet away, behind a car. I did so and he just laughed.

Never take fruit from strangers.

I went to taekwondo for the first time since the test tonight. I told Master I was busy with school, but that wasn’t it. I was afraid I’d cry if I came to class.

After class I said, “관장님, 금요일에 Good Man하고 가속 버스를 타고 있었어요. 그리고 울고 있었어요. Good Man의 스위터 가슴 눈말 많이 있었어요.” Master, Friday Good Man and I were riding the express bus. And I was crying. The front of Good Man’s sweater had many tears on it.

Master looked a little surprised, “왜요? 심사…good!” Why? Your test was good.

“통일을 미국에 가지고 가고 싶어요…” I want to take Tongil to the States with me.

Master grinned and nodded, then tried to lighten the mood. “초대하세요… Invite us, please.