Change of Plans

I just wrote a post detailing why I’m so frustrated today, but scratch that.

Yesterday, in taekwondo, I was having a heck of a time with some kicking drills. We had to do a roundhouse, then a spinning roundhouse. I said to Sabumnim the Man, “다리들이???소주를???마신것 같아요.” It seems like my legs have drunk some soju. But I was thinking while speaking, so it came out like “Leg plural marker object marker…soju subject marker…drink past tense seems like…” Sabumnim the Man burst out laughing.

Tonight I got to class and found out we’d be playing soccer outside. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too cold for my Raynaud’s Disease. I said, in Korean, “Um, it’s cold.” He scoffed and I said, “No. Um…OK. Blood vessels.” He didn’t understand me, so I pointed to the vessels you can see in your wrist. “Blood vessels…usually, when it’s cold, they are like this,” I said. I made an O with my fingers. “But mine are like this.” I made a tiny O. “And…um…” How do you show a rash? I tapped my face with my fingers and said, “Puh puh puh puh.” He stared at me. I thought. “Red! Red! Ahh! I don’t know doctor Korean.” But he understood, so I went on. I put my hand on my chest and faked breathing problems. I finished with, “And I don’t have a training suit. Is Master here?”

Master was downstairs, so he loaned me a training jacket and things were well.

A footprint someone left inside the studio window last night.