Klogic Two: Pay

Fine Moments of Klogic: Pay

Imagine, if you will, a qualified, sassy teacher who has not been paid on time or in full even once since starting her job (3 months earlier). Other coworkers have essentially quit (she would find out later that they were out 11 and 8 million won each). Our heroine is overworked and unpaid. She’s not scared of her boss, she’s not worried about her visa.

She goes to work one day and sits in the office. She refuses to work.

Confused Foreigner (me): I’m not working until I have all of my money.

Desperate Crazy Boss Lady: If you don’t work, I’m not going to pay you!

Confused Foreigner: When I do work, you don’t pay me!

Desperate Crazy Boss Lady: I know!

Confused Foreigner (bursts out laughing): Uh huh. I’m going. Call me when you can pay me.

Desperate Crazy Boss Lady: But I need you to work! I need the parents to think I have money!

Confused Foreigner: My ex-coworkers have told them! They know you don’t have money! The jig is up!

Desperate Crazy Boss Lady: But I need you to work! We can make them think we have money.

Confused Foreigner left and went to watch a Kukkiwon tourney.