Free Hugs and Lovers (Not One and the Same)

On the way to Master’s Friday night, we passed some Free Hugs women near the subway station. I figured they wouldn’t mind if I took their photo, and I was right.

Free Hugs Women, White Day

After I took their photo, one woman ran up to me and hugged me. (I was holding my lens cap in my hand, hence the odd shape.)

After Hug One

After she did, the second one did. I don’t think the third one really wanted to be there.

Hug Two

Saturday night we went to Santa Lucia’s for Italian. I had no clean clothing, so I wore one of the dresses I got in Vietnam. It was a bit warm, so my regular winter coat was too heavy. Yet the lightweight jackets I have are all training jackets. So I was girly from the waist down and sporty from the waist up.

Good Man

Good Man took this photo. An “Amanda Look,” don’t you think?

An Amanda Look

I shot this photo of two lovers. I like the contrast of the guys hanging out, the kid looking at ice cream, the restaurant employee working…

Lovers I

This shot was purely accidental. I was holding my camera in my hand at my side, randomly shooting.

Lovers II

This one was taken in the elevator.

Suspicious Good Man

Sunday afternoon, walking to the subway station, I paused to take some photos.

Reflections I

Reflections II

Soft Focus