Olympus Wants to Taste Your Banana

Give me your
Let me taste
nyum nyum nyum nyum

The ad started airing Saturday and I kept straining my ears each time to make sure I heard it correctly. Olympus wants your banana with help from the band 요조.

Good Man says the lyrics include slurping sounds. He says the song isn’t bad, though. He says, “It’s about a not fully yellow banana, and it goes into your mouth—”

This is where I broke into a fit of airy giggles.

“And nobody knows how time goes so fast.”

I’m still giggling.

One thought on “Olympus Wants to Taste Your Banana

  1. Comment from: :)happy [Visitor] Email
    04/01/08 @ 04:34

    Comment from: Robbin [Visitor] Email
    04/01/08 @ 09:28

    Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
    Ha! Awesome.
    04/02/08 @ 23:54

    Comment from: Matt [Visitor] Email · http://walkingalongtherailways.wordpress.com/
    I’ve seen this commercial…it’s amazing

    I think I pretty much had the same conversation with Rachel that you had with Goodman…she vacillates between not understanding why I find the commercial so funny and accusing all American guys of having sexually deviant minds
    04/04/08 @ 17:51

    Comment from: Otto Silver [Visitor] Email · http://teacherotto.blogspot.com
    I found the whole song and was surprised to see that it was not just a Korean ad using the English in a strange way, but it is a Korean song. Unless I am wrong, again.

    04/11/08 @ 07:31

    Comment from: Otto Silver [Visitor] Email · http://teacherotto.blogspot.com
    Oh Crap!

    You have the link. It is in a strange place, so I did not notice it. My bad.
    04/11/08 @ 07:32

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    I showed this ad to my mother, who pointed out that she’s also “humping the rail.”
    06/14/08 @ 13:09

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