It’s a Dying Cat, I Think and Korea Loves Nazis. Again.

“How do you say ‘a dying cat?’ I was using 죽고 있는 고양이.”

Good Man’s eyes are closed, but I see him smile. “죽어가는 고양이.” There is a long pause, but he can’t stop himself. “Why?”

“Tonight in class I wanted to tell [Crybaby] that her whining made her sound like a dying cat.”


In true Totally Ignorant of World History but We’ll Tell You All About the Fabulous Joseon Dynasty form, a Korean company is once again using Nazis in their advertising. Apparently “even Hitler didn’t get East and West together” has to do with Coreana makeup. How? Well

A Korad official, Seo Sang-hee, confirmed the ad was meant to invoke a Nazi soldier and Hitler, which she said symbolized “revolution” in keeping with the lotion’s “revolutionary” moisturizing and calming effects.

Ooooh! Yippe! Let’s use the name and imagery of a man who killed millions of people! Cause you know, using a Korean revolutionary like Yu Gwan-sun, now that would just make too much sense. Maybe that’s a Klogic lesson for another time.

According to Good Man, the advertised product is…whitening cream. I could not make that up if I tried.

For as much as Korea likes to issue lame apologies and claim they know nothing about Hitler, and for as much as many Koreans refuse to let Japan go re: the Occupation Period, I can’t figure out why nobody has realized that Hitler and Hirohito (Showa) were a team. The same Hirohito who was around during the occupation.

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