One Year Ago Today…

…I was evicted from my apartment because my boss didn’t pay my rent.

Today I spent a lovely day (gorgeous weather) with Good Man, Diana, Jennifer, and a friend of hers. We went to the bookstore, hung out near the Han, and then Good Man, Diana, and I had Indian food.

A whole lot has changed in a year. A lot will change two months from today.

While at the bookstore, two middle school students found us to do one of those Interview a Foreigner assignments. I think these assignments are terrible but always do them. These two hit the jackpot when they came upon three of us in one spot.

Middle School Interviewer

And Han River Park Diana, Jennifer and I studied Korean. My goodness, aren’t we exciting?


I spotted this older couple and this younger couple and liked the contrast. I do wonder how that woman will walk when she’s older considering that her ankles are already turning out. Most young Korean women really don’t like their feet.

Turned Ankles

I think Good Man took this photo. Apparently someone spotted him…


Good Man took the next two.



This couple appeared to be playing their hand-held video games.

Playing Games

Good Man took this one, of course.

Sneaky Smile?

I took this one. I really like it.

Amanda and Good Man

Cherry Blossoms I

Cherry Blossoms II

Diana has red hair, and Koreans won’t let her forget it.




Good Man wasn’t feeling too well. He said his nose was “malfunctioning.”

Malfunctioning Good Man