Love Love Motels

Monday night I must have slept funny, because my back has hurt since then. Last night I did 2,000 turns of the rope again (in 20 mins with a single 1-2 min rest to stretch), which didn’t exactly help my back.

Today there are elections, so Good Man and I had the day off. I asked him to find a love motel with whirlpool baths, because I figured the heat and movement would be good for me.

Oh, heaven.

I can not remember the last time I took a bath since (private) baths are not common in Korea and the last house I lived at in the States only had showers. Such a dream. Just one more reason to love love motels.

After love moteling, we headed Jamsil station to have some dinner and study Korean. I spotted this man and had to take a photo as I’ve never seen anyone so creative with their shoes here. I mean, I’ve seen really ugly shoes on women here, but never this. Reminded me of what we did with our socks in fifth grade.

After some dinner, we had some coffee and studied Korean. Yesterday I found a copy of The Giving Tree in Korean at the subway book stall where I bought The Little Prince. The woman gave me a discount because she wants to encourage my Korean.

I read it with Good Man. I read the first half out loud and translated, then he read the second half out loud while I translated. I mentioned that I remembered that in the English edition, the tree is female. Good Man wondered if this was normal (like cars and boats usually being female). I said no, and he couldn’t figure out why the tree had to have a gender in English. Using pronouns, especially gender pronouns, is so rare in Korean.

I like this story for some reason, but it’s so depressing! Give, give, give and be happy! Take, take, take and never say thank you! I read it like the tree is the boy’s mother, which makes it no less depressing.

Nothing too special, but a nice, relaxing day.

Good Man