I went to college in the South. The magnolias at my college in Georgia were large, thick-trunked, low-branched trees. You could sit on their branches and climb the trees. The flowers and leaves were huge. The leaves were thick, glossy, waxy, and often longer than my face.

Koreans magnolias are different. They are tall, wiry trees with thin branches. The flowers are still large, but not as large as they were back home.

Still, when I see the magnolias here, when I catch their faint scent, I am reminded of studying under “my” magnolia tree behind Buttrick Hall. These photos were taken around my apartment complex on Thursday.

Magnolias I

Magnolias II

Magnolias III

Magnolias IV

And there were some other flowers getting ready to bloom, too. I’m not sure if these are magnolias or what. I’ll be keeping on eye on them.

Bloom I

Bloom II