An Unexpected Sweet Korean Moment

Yesterday afternoon I was waiting for the bus when I spotted one of my coworkers, the science teacher. She seems nice, but we haven’t spoken much. We eat lunch together every day, but she’s a quiet woman and neither of us tend to talk much at lunch.

I asked her which bus she was catching, and it was mine. I said, “I don’t see you in the mornings,” and she explained that this was a one time thing.

After we’d sat down, I asked where she was going. She put her hand over her mouth as if she was going to laugh and said the department store. I asked if he was shopping and she again put her hand over her mouth. I thought she was acting weird and she said, “비밀이에요.” It’s a secret.

“남자 친구 만나요?” Are you meeting your boyfriend? I guessed.

She flushed and asked me how I knew that. “비밀…”

We continued chatting in Korean about how we met our boyfriends, how long we’ve been dating them, whether or not we’ve met the parents, if we want to get married, all four of our respective ages, jobs, and such. We showed each other handphone photos and loosely planned a double date.

I can’t really articulate why it was so nice, but I think it’s because it was so unexpected. I’ve never studied for such a situation, I’ve never tried to mentally prepare for such, but if I hadn’t’ve been studying just for the sake of learning, that conversation never would’ve been possible.

Today at lunch we sat across from each other and just grinned at each other the whole time, two women with a secret.