Thirty Minutes

Last night I headed off to taekwondo. I asked Master if I could jump rope again, and he voiced his approval. He said, “아만다, 조금. 30분.” Amanda, a little. Thirty minutes.

I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly. “30분이요?” He nodded and I laughed and shook my head, “관장님, 보통 20분 해요!” Master, I usually do 20 minutes.

I only did 1,500 turns, owing to the fact that I still had a cold. Practiced a bit of 금강…a nice class.

After class I told Master of my worries again. He laughed, “Amanda, your country! Your country!”

I thought and said in Korean, “True. I was homeless last year, and it was OK.” It was a sort of light bulb moment.

Master’s Mother, whom I haven’t seen in a very long time, was there. She stood there, just listening until I finished my ranting and then said, “Wow, Amanda, you’re Korean is very good.”