“Why are you so beautiful when you’re whiny?”

“Why are you so beautiful when you’re whiny?”

It’s a good thing Good Man thinks that way, because I’ve been sick with a really bad cold for far too long and I was incredibly whiny this weekend. The thing that sucks about colds is that you’re supposed to drink tons of fluids. Yet it hurts so much to swallow, the last thing I want to do is drink anything.

On top of it, I passed the cold onto him. There’s some saying in Korean, “Kiss someone and you’ll get better.” Well, considering how much better I felt between Saturday and Sunday, it seems to have worked. Thanks, Good Man!

(Side note to the people who felt the need to email me or call me, concerned about Thursday‘s post: No worries. Nothing is wrong. In fact, nothing was wrong when I wrote it.)


I got a haircut this weekend. You can’t really tell because it was basically just a trim but I call it the perfect cut because the conversation with my stylist was short and yet got me exactly what I wanted.

Me (holding fingers apart a bit): 조금. A little.
Her: 3센티? Three centi? [I nod.] 레이어? Rayers?

Me: 네. Yes.

She was done rather quickly, but not so quickly that I didn’t hear the other employees asking the shampoo guy about the foreigner. I thought maybe another foreigner had come in and they were conversing at the sinks. “다른 외국인 왔어요?” I asked my stylist. Did another foreigner come in?

The stylist was so shocked she jumped. Note to self: do not shock a woman who is holding scissors near your head.

After she was done, she pulled out a flat iron and asked if I wanted my hair straightened. This made me wonder if some shapeshifter had been cutting my hair because why in the world would I need my hair flat ironed?

The Perfect Haircut


Good Man

Good Man, Again

Good Man helped me get this picture of this very amorous young couple at the bakery. They were sitting perpendicular to us. He was sitting across the table from me. I leaned over, holding the camera towards the couple and said, “Pretend you’re looking at the screen so I can take this picture.” It worked, but they were crawling over each other so much I’m not sure it was necessary.

Young Couple