“[Cool Co-Teacher] taught me 찡찡대다. She says men love it.” 찡찡대다 means “to whine, to whimper, to grumble.”

“I love you the same.”

I turn my voice into a whine. “But do you like thi-i-i-is mo-o-ore?”

“Um. Maybe not.”


My school put me in a bit of an awkward situation last week. Last Wednesday they asked if Master could come down to our school and create some sort of taekwondo demonstration with some of our sixth graders. This would be for Sports Day, which was supposed to be Tuesday of this week. They didn’t want to use a local Kwanjangnim because it would show favoritism in the area. But six days? That’s just not cool, especially considering that Master would be getting strange kids.

I told them I didn’t think it would be possible but passed on the message and Cool Co-Teacher’s phone number anyway. Master declined and then apologized to me for it at least four times. I told him that I understood, which I did.

In the meantime, the school found a local guy, and changed Sports Day to today. We only trained Monday and yesterday for today’s demo. I told Tiger Master that I didn’t know Geumgang well, but he watched and decided he wanted me to do it. So for the demo I was the lead student/teacher. I stood in the front row, 12 students behind me, and called out all the commands, a first for me.

After bowing them in, we all did Koryeo together. Then I told the students to sit on one knee while I did Geumgang. I told them to stand up and they did jumping front kick breaks. Down on one knee again, while I finished the demo was a five-break series.

“고려 준비!”

My breaking series was a punch to each side, a side kick to each side, and then a jumping front kick. Ooooooh, everyone loved it.


Side Kick

It was a quick demo, but I was really proud of the kids. They’d been rushing in practice but today they actually went at my tempo. Wha hoo!

When the demo was finished, Cool Co-Teacher ran up to congratulate us and noticed that my left pinkie knuckle was bleeding. I told her it was fine, but she dragged me to the nurse for some iodine, antibacterial cream, and a Band-Aid. I swear, the iodine hurt more than the cut, but everyone else was making a big deal of my battle wound.

After the demo, we took far too many group photos. And yet I still don’t have an accurate one! After the demo some congressman from the national assembly came and congratulated us all and signed his namecards for us. The kids were extremely excited. I was polite and spoke Korean in the high form, but the man couldn’t even spell 아만다 and it’s on my belt! He wrote it 야만다, Yamanda, which is a version I’ve never seen. Still, it was kind of him to deal with the 12 taekwondo kids and 3 random stragglers who were swarming around him.

Tiger Master, Some of the Demo Team, and a Congressman

Now, if Amanda Teacher in regular clothes is a movie star, then Amanda Teacher in a dobok must be an alien queen riding around on a mermaid something. Oh man—the kids, the parents, the other teachers! Some of the students were in a frenzy over the whole thing.

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  1. Comment from: Julian W [Visitor] Email
    Haa. Nicely done!
    05/01/08 @ 09:58

    Comment from: Robbin [Visitor] Email
    As usual – Amanda the humble….
    05/01/08 @ 10:58

    Comment from: Katie [Visitor] Email · http://stagestitches.blogspot.com
    Sounds like fun! Congrats!

    Board bites are the worst – they don’t really hurt until you try to clean them.
    05/01/08 @ 17:37

    Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor] Email · http://www.jennipal.blogspot.com
    05/01/08 @ 19:45

    Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor] Email · http://www.jennipal.blogspot.com
    I mean YAMANDA
    05/01/08 @ 19:46

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