“I’m Nervous.”

“관장님, 토요일 한복….잡을거예요?” Master, Saturday I… I thought, chose “grab,” knowing that he’d understand. I grab my hanbok. Master nodded and said that was exciting. “일요일 [Good Man]의 부모님를 만날거예요. 그리고 여동생의 생일리에요.” Sunday I’m meeting [Good Man]’s parents. And it’s his sister’s birthday.

Master grinned.

I wrinkled my nose. “긴장해요. [Good Man]도 조금 걱장해요.” I’m nervous. And Good Man is a little worried, too.

“아만다! 화이팅!” Amanda! Fighting!

“괜찮아요. 똑똑해요. 우아해요. 예뻐요. 그리고…ego? Ego 아세요?” Master looked it up in his handphone’s dictionary and I knew, again, that he would understand my circumlocution. “Ego 넓어요!”

Master burst out laughing.

It will be OK. I’m smart. I’m elegant. I’m beautiful. And I have a wide ego!

It’s always nice when humor translates the way you want it to.

(Someone who is “open-minded” has a “wide heart,” 마음이 넓다. Someone who has “wide feet,” 발이 넓다, has many social connections. I figured “wide ego” would work.)