Michael White’s Death, Funding, Podcast

OK, I’m late to the Korean news party…like I said on the podcast I did with ZenKimchi and Jen, other people do news much better than I do.

Please help Michael White’s mother get his remains home. You can send funds to the following bank account.

S.Micheal White Fund

Daegu Bank

I get a lot of email from people thinking of coming to Korea to teach. Please listen to this podcast. This is an extreme case of police incompetence and difficulties in Korea, but I really believe that this podcast, this whole incident, points to a number of problems with Korean society and being a foreigner in Korea.

Edited to add: Transcripts are available in English and Korean.

One thought on “Michael White’s Death, Funding, Podcast

  1. Comment from: Robbin [Visitor] Email
    Wow. Amazing and sad.
    05/23/08 @ 03:35

    Comment from: amber [Visitor] Email · http://www.voluptuousstoicism.com
    i notice that in this podcast they refer to michael’s mother and her friend as “white foreigners”, but to the friend’s daughter as a non-white foreigner. as the white mother of an african-american child, am i reading between the lines when i think that possibly this woman also had an AA child? i have wondered what travelling to korea with our daughter will be like.
    05/23/08 @ 23:53

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    I think you’re reading it in an American context, not a Korean one. ANYONE who is NOT Korean is foreign. ANYONE. The kid could Black, Latino, Southeast Asian, Chinese, whatever. In fact, when Koreans are vacationing, say in Thailand, the Koreans are not foreigners, the Thai are. I still can’t wrap my head around that.

    “Obvious foreigners” (as I call them) get stared at here. Black people especially get stared at and harassed. I don’t know if you’re black or white or what, but if you are a different color than your daughter, than you would certainly get stared at.

    Diana (Going Places in the sidebar) has a black sister and she’ll be visiting soon, so I’m sure Diana will have some interesting stories to report. (Diana, hope you don’t mind the shout out to your blog.)

    05/24/08 @ 00:08

    Comment from: Julian W [Visitor] Email · http://www.mikewhitesmom.blogspot.com
    Please check out both Stephanie’s own site:


    and the transcript of her interview, which is now available in Korean too, at:


    Please email these to friends, family, and especially news services around the world, as requested by Stephanie.

    Please also make an effort to email Korean contacts, as they can read the Korean translation of her interview, which could act to a certain extent to counter the negative media spin she’s already getting.
    05/24/08 @ 00:42

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Thanks, Julian.
    05/24/08 @ 01:22

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