Slow Down, Mother.

Since I no longer have an apartment, I am staying at Jennifer’s place. Good Man accidentally left his handphone here. It rung once and I looked at the history and determined it was his mother. When she rang a second time I answered.

Me: 여보세요? Hello?
Mother: 여보세요? Hello?
Me: 네. 음… Yes, um…
Mother: 아만다? Amanda?
Me: 네! 안녕하세요? Yes! How are you?
Mother: [굳맨] 어디에요? Is [Good Man] there?
Me: 아니요. 한드폰 잊어버렸어요. No, he forgot his handphone.
Mother: 잊어버렸지요? 왜요? He forgot his handphone? Why?
Me: 왜나하면 때때로 바보예요. Because sometimes he’s an idiot.
Mother, laughing heartily.
Me: 때때로, 때때로. Sometimes, sometimes.
Mother: 아이구… Oh goodness…
Me: 텍시 타요. He’s in a taxi.
Mother: 어디에요? 택시 탄거에요? Where is he? A taxi?
Me: 네. Yes.
Mother: 탙탙탙탙탙탙탙탙탙탙탙. Tat tat tat tat…
Me, really confused by the sudden rapid-fire Korean: 음…. Um…
Mother: 탙탙탙 가방 탙탙탙탙탙탙탙탙. Tat tat tat tat bag tat tat tat tat.
Me, completely guessing about how to respond: 음…제 가방 제 친구 집에 있어요. Um, my bags are at my friend’s house.
Mother: 그래요? 그럼, 내일! 우리 집에 3시예요! Really? Well, tomorrow! At our house, at three.
Me: 네, 기뻐요! 내일 봐요! Yes, I’m happy about it. See you tomorrow!
Mother: 봐요. Bye bye~! See you. Bye bye!
Me, surprised: Bye bye!

Holy kimchi am I glad I started learning Korean long before I met Good Man.

Telephone conversations are still really difficult, though.

Good Man told me his mother thought it was cute that I answered the phone. And she wants me to stay with them and sleep in Sister’s room.

How much things can change in ten months. Nay, in six. And I doubt things would be going so well if I didn’t speak any Korean.