Love Teeth and A Hurt Wallet

“I think Minnesota rocks!” said Good Man.


Yesterday Good Man and I headed back down to my old side of town as part of the last-minute, all-over-town run-around this week. I had to pick up a photo (I got an 8 by 10 of the five of us at the museum printed and framed as a gift to Good Man’s family), transfer cash, and go to the dentist.

Weeping Wallet

Transferring money made my wallet hurt. The dollar and won are both in the toilet right now, so I ended up sending home about 10% less than I did six months ago (which was already less than a year ago!). My wallet weeped a bit. However, I got the same woman I’ve always gotten for bank transfers, which was nice. I don’t know if I lucked out with this woman or what, but she’s never written anything in my passport, I’ve never had to show her proof that I legally earned the money, and she works quickly. Of course, she also seems to speak no English, but that’s alright, because I can hold my own with her in Korean. Since it was my last trip to the bank before leaving, she gave me a gift, a glass photo frame with “Hana Bank” printed on the bottom. The writing is actually fairly small and it’s not as tacky as it sounds.

Love Teeth

Since getting my teeth cleaned, my bite has been off. This was one thing I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to explain well in Korean, so I had Good Man translate for me.

It is very humbling to be sitting in a dental chair, mouth wide open, water getting sprayed and sucked, while your boyfriend looks on and discusses your teeth with the dentist and assistant. It makes me feel like a child.

Anyhow, it seems that it’s finally time to get my last two wisdom teeth removed. The dentist kept saying 사랑, 사랑 (love, love) and I said, “Why is he talking about love?”

The word for wisdom tooth in Korean is 사랑니, love tooth.

Good Man said that he had none of his love teeth anymore. I playfully scolded him. “앗! 사랑니 없어! 사랑 없어! 나쁜 남자 친구야…” Oh! You don’t have any love teeth! You have no love! Bad boyfriend…

The dentist, his assistant, and Good Man all laughed. It always feels good when an intended joke is taken as such in Korean. Will that feeling ever change?

Two N D

Good Man and I ended up having dinner at some new “ethnic” restaurant near Bomgye Station, 2nd. Second? No. Two N D (투엔디). The restaurant was rather unusual. It was Korean style seating but the tables were at different levels, water was flowing in a fountain, sheer curtains made each table a bit more secluded. It felt a bit Arabian Nights.


The food wasn’t bad either. Actual jalepenoes (from a jar, I’m sure) on the chicken quesadillas, a really nice carbonara pizza. We enjoyed it.

A Satisfied Diner

Shortly after we finished dinner it started pouring. Ah, leaving just in time for the rainy season to start!

Rain at Bomgye Station