Meeting YJ, New Hanbok Shoes, 155 Grams! The Last Soju Meeting with Master

Tuesday was another whirlwind of activity. I’m so glad that Korea grants a visa extension until your plan leaves (up to 30 days I think) because I needed this time to get my life and my head in order.

Good Man and I met YJ, my language exchange partner (whom I haven’t seen in a Very Long Time) for lunch Tuesday. Although we haven’t met much recently, and I don’t write about her here much, I’m going to miss her. We get a long well, and she’s taught me a lot of Korean.

After lunch, Good Man and I headed off to Kyobo, where I picked up the rest of the Sogang series. I’m currently on 3A (and stagnating, because I just haven’t had time to focus!) but picked up all the books through 5B to study in the States. I also picked up some bilingual poetry books even though Good Man warned that the translations would be weird. I understand enough Korean to see how the structure is different, and I want to read some bilingual books.

We then headed back to the hanbok market, as I needed higher shoes because the hem hits the floor. Our hanbok guy was fantastic, and gave us the shoes as service. He also helped up choose a hairstick. Now I have everything I ever need to wear a hanbok!

Hanbok Hairstick and Shoes

Then we headed back to Jen’s to pack another box to mail home (I have collected so many books here!). We went to the post office and the box was 155 grams over the 20 kg limit, so we had to unpack it. In the meantime, the security guard was getting some free English translation service out of Good Man and I, which I think was worth a 155 grams. Oh well, I know they have to do their jobs. Note to anyone: don’t go over that 20 kg limit in any way, shape, or form. I blame the amount of packing tape we used.

Finally, all of our general errands for the day done, we headed down to Gwangmyeong to meet Master for one last dinner.

As soon as I walked in the door, I started crying. Good Man told me I have “too much jeong.” I laughed. Maybe he’s right.

Master gave me my second dan certificate and card, nicely framed. Because I have to find a new studio, he didn’t have a second degree belt made, which is fine. Master’s Mother or his Wife’s Mother (I suspect the latter) made me a lovely box with traditional Korean paper. It’s so pretty.

Handmade Box

Master and Good Man were talking and I was just sitting there, tears streaming down my face. ㅠㅠ Master said that you cry when things end, but we are not ending. Still, I was crying.


Master called the boys down from the studio and made them stand for a photo and bow out to me. I said something like, “Thanks Little Brothers and Sisters,” but they didn’t understand. I didn’t expect them too.

Taekwondo Studiomates

Master’s family, Sabumnim the Man, Sabumnim-in-Training (one of Master’s first students), Good Man and I went out for 닭갈비. We went to the nearby dalk kalbi joint, whose owners are the parent of one of our younger students.

Sabumnim-in-Training and Sabumnim the Man

Master’s Son

Master’s Son
In the last month he’s grown and lot and his legs and arms are now so lean.

Dinner was great, and I was able to keep most of my tears at bay. Sabumnim the Man asked how Good Man and I met. I told him and started describing our first date (I’m getting very good at doing that in Korean). Sabumnim the Man and Master were laughing and Good Man was just grinning. Then Master said something in Korean about how I had a crush on Good Man when he wrote my name in Hanja.

I’m so glad I was listening to Master, because I piped up, “아니요. 다른 사람이에요.” No, that was someone else.

Master looked shocked and a bit embarrassed and apologized several times while everybody else laughed. I thought it was rather funny, and Good Man was teasing me. “Who’s he?”

“아니요. 다른 사람이에요.”

I also asked how NewSabumnim was doing after her teaching stint in China. Master said something about how we became friends and I started going off about how much I hated her when I met her. Master’s Wife and Sabumnim the Man were laughing and then Master handed me the phone. It was NewSabumnim!

Sleeping Beauty

Master’s Daughter was so tired she slept through the entire dinner.

After getting drunk (취하다) on soju, we left just in time to catch the last train. Master tried to bow me out, but I was crying too hard.

It’s not over, but it’s different, and I’m really going to miss them. Master especially, of course.

Master and Amanda
Master made me lean forward while he leaned back, because apparently his head is too big.