No, It’s Not.

While cleaning out the craft room with Nameless Family Member I’m Living with today, I came across my camera bag with my Canon AE-1 SLR camera in it. I am glad I kept filters that fit none of my lenses as they fit my Nikon’s 50 mm lens. I also found my night exposure calculator (published in Popular Photography in 1964). And I found this.

Found in the Photo Bag

This camera’s been packed for two years. “Eww, Amanda, gross” I said to myself.

I held it up to Nameless Family Member who said, “Is that a used condom?!”

“No! It’s a muffin wrapper!”

“Oh,” Nameless Family Member said. “I was wondering why a used condom was in your camera bag.”


While cleaning and finding all of my stuff, we found the bridesmaid dress I wore in my mom and stepdad’s wedding when I was 14. I decided to try it on. Not stylish, but it fit. Sure, it was a bit tighter across the bust, but it fit with plenty of breathing room.

That, combined with my senior photos (found Sunday), was a reality check. I told Good Man that if I’m ever having one of my whiny, bad body image days, he could point out that I can wear a dress I wore 13 years ago. Weird.

Bridesmaid’s Dress, 13 Years Old


I got my LensBaby and my wired remote release cord today. Thank you, Mother!

The LensBaby is a very odd plastic bellowed (accordion-style) lens. You focus by squeezing the bellows against the camera a certain amount, then move your fingers around the edge of lens, compressing specific spots, to focus on the spot you want. These photos are very poor, I know. Finding the sweet spot was tough, and I can tell the learning curve is going to be steep with this lens!

LensBaby Chair

LensBaby Boots