Mom Compliments

At Grandma’s house, spotting me stretched out on Grandma’s bed in my pajamas, Mom said, “Amanda, you look really good.”

“It’s ’cause I’m happy.”

“Yeah, but I mean you look healthy and strong. I think it’s the taekwondo.”

Later, in the car, “Well, I haven’t met [Good Man] yet, but the way you talk about him, I can tell that you two work very well together. He seems to know how to handle you. I’m happy for you.”

Damn, those were nice things to hear.

Baby Photos

This weekend my mother and I went to Grandma‘s house to help her pack, as she’s moving next weekend.

I saw hand-tinted photos of Grandma, her junior year yearbook, my grandfather’s Navy graduation photo, and my mom’s baptismal program among other family mementos. I also found these photos.

Amanda, 3-6 Months (?)

Good Man always says I have a sneaky smile. Yes, I think I do.

Dear Santa, 4 Years Old

We also found this photo. We decided I must have been four. I was staying with my grandparents’ for Christmas. My grandfather dressed up as Santa Claus and this was my first time “writing” a letter to Santa and leaving out milk and cookies for him. Look at those cookies! I think they’re Thin Mints! I hope Santa left me some good presents that year! (Unfortunately, I have no memory of this event.)

Also, though you can’t tell, I am holding my marker the “wrong” way in this photo. I am holding it with my pointer and middle finger on the marker. I still hold my pencil like this. I don’t remember teachers trying to correct my grip in school. I also type “wrong,” but I type quickly. I DO remember people trying to correct that in school. I tend to type without using my pinkies or my ring fingers.

And I got these photos outside.