Baby Photos

This weekend my mother and I went to Grandma‘s house to help her pack, as she’s moving next weekend.

I saw hand-tinted photos of Grandma, her junior year yearbook, my grandfather’s Navy graduation photo, and my mom’s baptismal program among other family mementos. I also found these photos.

Amanda, 3-6 Months (?)

Good Man always says I have a sneaky smile. Yes, I think I do.

Dear Santa, 4 Years Old

We also found this photo. We decided I must have been four. I was staying with my grandparents’ for Christmas. My grandfather dressed up as Santa Claus and this was my first time “writing” a letter to Santa and leaving out milk and cookies for him. Look at those cookies! I think they’re Thin Mints! I hope Santa left me some good presents that year! (Unfortunately, I have no memory of this event.)

Also, though you can’t tell, I am holding my marker the “wrong” way in this photo. I am holding it with my pointer and middle finger on the marker. I still hold my pencil like this. I don’t remember teachers trying to correct my grip in school. I also type “wrong,” but I type quickly. I DO remember people trying to correct that in school. I tend to type without using my pinkies or my ring fingers.

And I got these photos outside.