“I Gotta Fly to the States First.”

Sometimes, I like to worry.

I worried and worried (I still think with good reason) before meeting Good Man’s parents. In one of these worrying sessions he told me to quit pre-worrying and to not get pre-upset.

(“Pre-worry” gets 540 Google matches, by the way. Good Man is onto something here…)

Tonight we were chatting online and I was (pre-)worrying about not having a job, moving to another state while homeless (though I have friends and family there and I won’t actually be homeless), not wanting to own a TV, sheets and towels, money, cars, and whatever other thoughts popped in my head.

Good Man said, “One thing for sure.. […] we have time to think about it..[…] so take it easy :) I gotta fly to the States first.”


Good Man, who knows to handle me, answered, “사랑해. Let’s sometimes post-worry. :)”