Llama Love, Yellow Notes, Castoffs, and less than 336 at 27

Yesterday I stood in my parents’ kitchen and watched a gelded llama mount a pregnant llama and attempt to make sweet llama love. Complete with orgling.

(Orgling? Yes. Orgling is the sound a male llama makes when it’s mating. Don’t you wish I had an .mp3 file here?)

Cross that off of my List of Things I Never Even Thought About Experiencing.

Yellow Notes

Tonight, while I was packing to move tomorrow, I found a sheet of lined yellow notebook paper in my bag. I unfolded it to find a surprise note from Jennifer. I was so surprised and so touched. And damn that girl keeps a secret well, because it’s been in my bag more than three weeks. Had I written the note, I would’ve asked about it after a few days!


“Good Man, I got my parents’ old microwave. It’s small but it works.”


“And I got a futon frame. It’s nice, it’s wooden. So we just need to get a mattress and then we will have a couch. It shouldn’t be too expensive.”

Good Man answers, “:) You’re so frugal. I like it.”

I am building a home based on my parents’ castoffs.

(As a side question, why do so many people get ugly ugly futon covers?)

6′ by 7′ by 8′

Today George helped me drag all of my stuff to a moving center. We loaded my things into a cube to be shipped off across the country. Two trucks (with toppers) and one trailer later, and we still couldn’t even fill the space. I packed most of the useful stuff away when I was in Korea. I need some towels and curtains and another set of sheets for a new house, but that’s it. If I count need-to-purchases, what I shipped from Korea, and what I’m taking in my truck as I drive across the country? Well, even then the space wouldn’t be filled.

I am 27 and my whole life fits in less than 336 cubic feet (9.5 cubic meters).

Maybe I need to add Nomadic Minimalist to my acetic title.