And It Hits Her… And She Knows…

Two years ago, she spied a sign that said WELCOME TO KOREA.

Tonight she spies the sign that says WASHINGTON DC STAY LEFT.

And it hits her.

“Oh my God, I’m moving to the DC area,” she thinks. “Oh my God, Mark and I will be living in the same state for the first time since June 10th, 1999. Oh my God, I left America to get away from [Peter Pan Ex] and now I came back to America for [Good Man]. A Korean man.” She shakes her head and thinks, “I met a man in Korea—and he’s moving to America—and we’re going to be living near the nation’s capital.”

And in her little red Ford truck, she gives out a holler, “아싸!” Assa!

On her left, she notices fireworks. A few miles later, on her right, she sees more. “Ah yes,” she thinks, “they are welcoming me.” (She has an ego, you know.)

An hour later Mark’s voice calls out from inside his lover’s house, “Amanda! Amanda! Amanda!” He runs out of the house. They hug and don’t let go. It has been 732 days since they’ve seen each other. The longest they’ve ever gone without seeing each other since becoming friends in sixth grade. She cries a bit and says, “Too long. Never again.”

He nods. “Too long.”

And they pick up, like they always do. Time and distance meant nothing.

In 16 days, Mark Best Friend will go out of town. A few hours later, Good Man will arrive.

For a week, she will revel in Good Man’s presence, in his scent, in him. Alone. Then, she will introduce Good Man and Best Friend to each other.

And for a moment, she is not (too) worried. She will find a job. And they will find a house. And things will be fine fantastic.

Finally, she knows that The Korean Adventures: Volumes One and Two have come to a close but Living in the DC Area Adventures: Volumes Unwritten have just begun…