Knock Those States Off…

On July 2nd I moved to another part of the country.

I got in my car in Minnesota.


And got to Wisconsin fairly quickly.

Waiting at a Stoplight in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, I found two newspapers I’d never seen before.

Country Singles

Why Be Fat 101

I also saw this house that was tipping over. I was shooting from my car and this shot was an accidental art shot.

The Wicked Witch of the East Is Under There…

I ended up in Illinois…and there our toll adventure began.

Sign Should Read: Welcome to Toll Land

Since I can’t follow directions, I ended up going around Chicago, instead of through it. This meant tolls every two exits.

I entered Indiana—barely—and spent the night with a guy I met in Costa Rica, who was staying there for work. We had two beds and not a damn thing happened other than chatting late at night and Good Man knew about it, but my mother was a bit worried.

The next morning I got on the Indiana Turnpike. And found these. What in the world are these?

Beehive Bomb Shelter Alien Landing Pad Piles of .

Next up! Ohio!


In Ohio, the rain started. And I started to slowly…slowly…lose my mind.

Rain Ohio

I got to Pennsylvania.

Welcome to a Traffic Jam

And ten miles later came to a dead stop because of an accident at mile marker 13. I actually turned my engine off and called my sister-in-law. After talking to her for a good twenty minutes, I read two chapters in my dumb summer novel before we started moving again.


I got off the turnpike to get to Maryland only to…mess up and get back on it. (What can I say? I’m used to normal exits.) And get off it again.

Oh yay.

Taxing Tolls

Eventually, I ended up in Maryland where I saw Mark!

Mark and Myeolchi
Taken the next day, a post for another day…

Knock four more states off my list