At Home in a Korean Grocery Store

The Fourth of July, Mark, Mark’s Lover (Who Is Graciously Letting Me Live In His House and Eat His Food Until I Find My Own Place to Land) and I went to Lotte Plaza.

Even in America, I am Foreign

We found food to make bibimbap!

Bibimbap Veggies

And the glorious red and white vegetable thing known as…


Good Man thought he wouldn’t be able to find rice cakes in America. (OK, to be fair, he meant a different sort of rice cake…)

And I found ramyeon—real stuff, not that weird “Oriental Flavor“—as far as the eye could see.

신, 열…

Whil Mark posted with dried fish, Mark’s Lover tried to determine how 60 kinds of noodles were different.

Mark Holding Dried Anchovies, His Lover Looking for Noodles

You’ve read the book, now eat his seaweed!

The Little Prince Seaweed

I found frozen dinners for when Good Man wants squid.

Frozen Dinners

And we need somewhere to eat that squid.

Wha-Hoo! Korean Tables!

And because eating it from a cone is better than eating it from the tub (because I eat too much from the tub), I was happy to find the glory that is…

Goo Goo Cones

It looks grosser than it tastes, we have Milkis, which is the…

“New feeling of soda beverage.”

A brief pause to look at the wonderful friend that is Mark.

Say “kimchi!”

And me, modeling my lovely knit top with matching (not made in Korea) dual-colored pastel marshmallows.

Dual-Colored Pastel Marshmallows Make Me a Supermodel

Good Man’s parents can bring me juice when they visit now.

Boxed Juice

Mark stared at these fishies…

Yummy Sea Creatures With Eyes

And I wondered how Cold Green Tea Noodles must taste.

I suspect 맛없어! Not delicious!

(Note: two years prior (exactly, oddly enough) I accidentally bought Green Tea noodles at the grocery store. I didn’t know it at the time. In fact, I only realized it looking at that photo now…bottom photo, next to the cereal. And it was, indeed, not delicious.)

Come on, Good Man, the ‘fridge is waiting for you!