Saturday Adventures on the Farm, in DC, on the Street

Apparently, Mark and his Lover want to be migrant workers. First raspberries, and then Saturday morning blueberries.

Mark Picking Blueberries

At The Blueberry Farm
At a larger size, the bokeh is very interesting.

Blueberries I

Blueberries II

Blueberries III

We picked blueberries for about an hour and came back with about 13 pounds at $2.99/lb. I was glad we stopped after an hour as sweat was dripping in my eyes.

On the way home, we stopped by a foreclosed/abandoned/trashed house and of course we didn’t go exploring inside, ohhhh noooooo, because that would be illegal marginally legal (in our minds).

Outside a Foreclosed House

We swam in the pool for a bit, and then it was off to DC for my first real view of the National Mall. Album coming…eventually.

“Think of [Good Man], Amanda.”

After that, we headed to Alexandria, for their birthday party.

Fireworks at Alexandria’s Birthday Street Festival

At this point, we sort of stumbled home. My feet definitely hurt and I was getting tired. And then. Then I got an email…