“Break Out the Champagne!”

Good Man, after I had a phone interview for an additional hour: Monday’s meeting do you go to the school?

Me: No, we’ll meet at a deli.

Good Man: Oh a deli…
:) That is a good sign
Nobody says “that is a good meal..it’s yummy. Oh by the way, you’re not hired.”

Me, reading an email from Principal out loud to Mark and his Lover: “Amanda, should [position A] not work out, what would you think of [position B…] I wouldn’t want you to get away.”

Mark and his Lover: Wha-hoo! Let’s break out the champagne!

Principal: HR is going to call you and offer you a job. You will say, “Yes, I accept.” Don’t get fickle on me now, promise!

Me: Let me practice. “Yes, I accept.”

“Break Out the Champagne!”