Check, Check

Go to America
Move across the country
Get a job
Pick Good Man up from airport

Find an apartment together
Find a taekwondo studio
Get car titled and registered and change license within 30 days, stay on Mom
Find a bike because driving to work when you live a mile away (literally) door-to-door is stupid
Call elec, cable, inter
Quit eating out because tipping is too expensive
Go to HR orientation
Change bank. CC, etc info

Roll GA retirement over
Talk to Grandpa about buying stocks…
and so on.

Korea was—in some ways—easier.

One thought on “Check, Check

  1. Comment from: Diana [Visitor] ·
    God. American life is so complicated.

    Congrats on finding the apartment!
    07/24/08 @ 19:35

    Comment from: Joanne [Visitor] ·
    One mile to work! Wow wow wow! Yes, there are loads of things to do, but gosh, you’ll be fine. You’re so capable…look at what you’ve accomplished already!

    About the bike? Check Craig’s List if you’re not picky…I suspect there will be some on there!
    07/25/08 @ 15:53

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