“Chairs Are Ugly, Too.”

“Hon, I’m not sure if we can have a satellite or HD receiver or whatever the hell that thing is.” Good Man is doing research online and I still don’t understand this HD switch. (Feel free to enlighten me in the comments section.)

“But I can put it on the balcony.”

“I’m not sure if they—the condo management—will let you, that’s my point.”

“But it’s not a weapon. We can have it.”

I laughed, “But it’s ugly. Sometimes homeowners’ associations and condo groups and apartments don’t like ugly.”

Good Man looks at me very seriously. “Chairs are ugly, too. And other people had those on their balconies.”

One thought on ““Chairs Are Ugly, Too.”

  1. Comment from: Amyable [Visitor]
    You can get HD through cable instead of satellite. Satellite require a dish but cable doesn’t. The more important thing is that you have a HD capable/ready TV. A wide screen would be best so that you can actually watch your HD channels the way they were meant to be viewed. No reason to get HD service if you don’t have a HD TV.
    07/27/08 @ 13:15

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    I don’t even want a TV, so the idea of paying money per month to watch it boggles my mind. If I have an HD ready TV, why can’t I just plug it in and watch it?
    07/27/08 @ 19:00

    Comment from: Melissa (Fraggle) [Visitor] · http://mysharingspace.blogspot.com
    To the best of my knowledge you should be able to when the switch is made as long as you have the proper way to pick up the signal. It’s just that the signal is switching from what it is currently (“rabbit ears” for locals if you don’t subscribe to satellite or cable)to digital. So as long as the tv has the proper set up to capture that signal you should be able to get local channels the same as you would with the old rabbit ears.

    That’s how I understand it anyway.
    07/27/08 @ 21:45

    Comment from: Amyable [Visitor]
    Welcome back to the US. I feel the same as you about having to PAY to watch TV. (Unlike you, I DO watch a little TV.) I don’t know about your area, but without cable, I don’t get any TV reception. So, just to watch you basic channels, I have to get cable. I also get my internet through my cable supplier so my monthly pymt is around $160. Can you believe?
    07/27/08 @ 22:10

    Comment from: sarah [Visitor] Email
    If you have an HDTV, you *can* just plug it in and watch it. You’ll just need any old set of rabbit ears to plug into the back and you can get your local NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, etc. for free over-the-air, in HD.

    If you want to record shows to watch later, that is also possible if you have an HD tuner card in your computer.

    You don’t need to worry about the digital conversion next year if you have a new HDTV, only if you have an old analog (i.e., square) tv that you are using exclusively with rabbit ears. If you have an old analog tv that you are using with cable or satellite, you also won’t need to worry about the digital conversion because your cable/satellite box is doing the converting for you.
    07/28/08 @ 10:35

    Comment from: ellipsisknits [Visitor] Email · http://ellipsisknits.blogspot.com/
    If you already get satellite or cable t.v. go through them to get HD. It will probably get there about the same way.

    If you get your t.v. through broadcast (rabbit ears) *then* you need the receiver. The receiver isn’t like a satellite receiver. It actually goes between the rabbit ears and the t.v. and translates the signal. They make special ‘HD’ rabbit ears, but in many cases the old antennas work just as well (our old one worked better).

    If you buy a new HD t.v., it may have the receiver built in.
    07/28/08 @ 15:46

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