“Don’t Make A Baby.”

“Did your mom just call?” Good Man’s mother has been calling daily. She called me at work earlier, worried that Good Man hadn’t answered the phone, worried that he would starve to death. Worried.

“No, Dad.”

“What did he say?”

Good Man says, very matter-of-factly, “He says it’s OK to live together but don’t make a baby. Later it would be good to make a baby, but not now.”

One thought on ““Don’t Make A Baby.”

  1. Comment from: Amyable [Visitor]
    Good Man’s parents are so progressive! I’m very impressed.
    07/27/08 @ 17:57

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Well, I think three things are at play here. 1) His mother is very frugal and the cost of housing here is ridiculous. 2) His mother raised Good Man to be a Korean, which means he doesn’t know how to do any “women’s work” other than cooking ramyeon and spaghetti. She is really afraid he will eat cereal and white bread cheese sandwiches and ramyeon all day long. I made the mistake of telling her we had jjajangmyeon and she yelled at me to eat fruit. 3) We were going to live together anyways, and since Korean parents and kids will lie to each other left and right and everybody knows it, their “progressive” behavior may just be a way of throwing up their hands at what we’d do in any case.
    07/27/08 @ 19:04

    Comment from: Katie [Visitor] · http://stagestitches.blogspot.com
    Lol…true…maybe later, not now!

    Thanks for the congrats…haven’t earned the belt for sure yet, though! Find out tomorrow, yikes!
    07/28/08 @ 03:05

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