Well It’s a Good Thing We Didn’t Have a Plan

[Post written about ten weeks ago.]


And it’s a good thing we travel well together, because Jejudo was a bit of a funny trip.

Jejduo is known as the Korean Hawaii and is the primary honeymoon destination in Korea. The vegetation and geography is unlike the rest of Korea and the island is basically built around tourism and agriculture. Whenever I told anyone I was going to Jejudo, I was told I was very lucky and it was very beautiful.

However, I’m pretty sure our super casual, full of mistakes trip was not what my friends were thinking of when they recommended it.

He Can Work the Computer, But Not the Seat

Other than the Ajumma Bathroom freakiness, the flight and arrival were problem free. We picked up our rental car and I started giggling because I haven’t driven on over a year (and I had to drive, as Good Man doesn’t know how to). I’m going to have to get a US license fairly soon after returning next week, so it’s a good thing I got a bit of practice (even though the rental was an automatic and I have a stick), but I’m surprised the woman let me have the car, considering that I probably seemed to be on something.

Good Man tried to get into the car and somehow managed to smack himself in the head trying to move the seat forward. He did, however, know how to use the GPS, which is good, since I was clueless. “I know how to use the navigation, just not the seat,” he said.

We got to our pension (K2 Village, very highly recommended, lovely place, nice owners) without a problem, but then we couldn’t figure out how to open up the trunk. Yes, I have owned two cars and had a license for 8 years, no, I can’t open a trunk.

We got that squared away, stowed our bags in our room and took some night photos along the shore.

A nice first evening.

License- and Cashless at the Sex Museum

Thursday morning I woke up at seven. “Let’s go to the sex museum!”

“Now?” He pointed to the clock.

We fell back asleep until ten and at eleven, we finally headed off to the Sex Museum. Apparently there are two on the island (I suppose…it is the honeymoon spot…) and we saw a different one than most people do.

Despite having navigation in the car, I went the wrong way three times. Then, ten kilometers before we got to the museum, I realized that I didn’t have my driver’s license. Or my wallet. Or money. Or anything else one might deem necessary when driving in a foreign country.

Good Man and I decided we would check out the museum, then head the 40 km back to our hotel to get my wallet. We were hungry, so we ate some ice cream before heading into the museum. As soon as we sat down for ice cream, Good Man said, “Oh. I only have 3,000 won. We can’t go to the museum.”

We looked at each other over our ice cream and just burst out laughing.

Most people that I’ve talked to cram a ton of activities in their two or three days on the island. Here we were, past noon, and we’d done nothing. “Do you care that we’ve done nothing?” I asked.

“No, I just want to be with you.”

We asked where the nearest bank was. Oh, 20 km away.

Getting Lost

Off to the bank! At the bank, I managed to slip on some sort of metal ramp and ended up flat on my butt, palms scratched.

Well now, this day was turning out just great!

Good Man and I got some lunch and even poked around one of the market areas before deciding to head back home. But since the sex museum was on the way, we did get to peek around and see a lot of stuff about sex.

We headed home, taking a back route way, passing a cemetery for resistors of the Japanese. Unfortunately it was closed, so we could only look at it from a distance.

After a brief nap, we went to the shore to take some sunset photos. Then we headed off in search on dinner. There were many restaurants around our pension, but all were seafood and I don’t like seafood. We just drove, at one point playing rock-paper-scissors to choose a direction.

We ended up on a freeway, but the GPS said it didn’t exist. I guess we were driving through the woods according to the GPS. The signs on the freeway had some city name crossed out. It was the city we were headed to. “What’d they do? Move the city?” I joked.

We soon found out what happened when the freeway ended with a 직진금지 sign. DON’T GO STRAIGHT. We couldn’t’ve gone straight, had we wanted to, as it was a forest.

We headed left and Good Man realized we were close to the university. We followed the signs to the university and headed there, figuring food would be easy enough to find. A great plan, and the pork we ate was delicious.

[And that was only the first full day. Things got a bit better the next day.]