“Somtimes…” and “It’s Brilliant!”

“Sometimes…sometimes you are…” I’m waiting to hear 바보. “A little dumb.” I burst out laughing and nod. Good Man says (very kindly), “It’s true.”

Math, Amanda. Logic. Remember.


I have been exhausted lately. I’m not sure why. I dreaded going to taekwondo tonight because I was so tired. However, I’m paying about 55% more here than I paid in Korea (for 26% of the time!) and so I want to get my (overpriced) money’s worth.

I’m glad I went. Another student lead most of the class, and helped me with the weird forms, although he wasn’t too sure of them himself. I found out these two new weird forms are very new to the studio, a pet of only one instructor and even the school’s head doesn’t know them. (Proof positive that these are not standard forms.) We did a lot of kicking drills, which was enjoyable.


“What’s that thing there?” Good Man asks, pointing.

“A license plate holder.”


“To show school spirit or pride, a club, whatever. I have one for my college behind your seat, but I’ve never put it on.”

Good Man says, very seriously, “That is brilliant.”


“Because the company can make a lot of money, it’s not something anyone needs, and people can make their cars more…um…”

“Individual?” He nods and I laugh, “Make junk, sell junk.”

He nods his head, “It’s brilliant!”