Those Toes Are Hungry

“How are you already hungry? We ate a huge breakfast.”

Good Man pinches his big toe. “This toe, this is for breakfast. And this toe,” he says, pinching his second toe, “lunch. This toe is dinner, then beer, and finally soju.”

I laugh, because Good Man once told me his stomach went down to his feet. “Do you know ‘This Little Piggy?'”

He shakes his head no, and I do it to him. He giggles just like a child, so I do it again. “This little piggy had breakfast, this little piggy ate lunch. This little piggy had dinner, and this little piggy drank beer. This little piggy drank soju and went wee wee wee all the way home.” (Hey, soju and wee weeing, that actually works.)

Later, at the grocery store, I ask, “Is this too much food?”

Good Man shakes his head. “I only did the right foot earlier. I have another foot!”