Mother Says “Learn to Cook!” and “The Woman Says Marry a Nice American Girl.”

Saturday night, Good Man and I called his mother. His mother was so kind to me. She asked how I was, how work was going. She told me to please take good care of Good Man, and to make sure he eats his vegetables.

His mother also told him he needs to learn how to cook because “Amanda works too hard.”

I told her that he can clean the kitchen and bathroom well, so that makes me happy.

Actually, we’re off to a good start. Saturday night Good Man made his own coffee. And not that Korean style stick of instant coffee—he ground the beans and ran the coffee maker.

But…two steps forward, one step back…

Strawberries were on sale, so we bought two pints. At the grocery store I’d said, “We’ll freeze one.”

While we were putting away the groceries, I opened the freezer. Good Man had stuck an entire pint of strawberries in the freezer. In the container. Not washed, not hulled, not spread out in a single layer to freeze overnight. Nope, just thrown in the freezer in their original container.

I giggled and thought, Damn, I love this man.


Sunday morning, while Good Man was sleeping, Sister and I chatted online. She said that Mother worries about Good Man a little. I said, “She only worries a little because he has me. If he lived alone, she would worry a lot!”

Sister laughed and agreed.

I told her I’d post photos of Good Man’s breakfast on my Cyworld page so she could show Mother, to make her feel better. Sister thought it was a great idea. (Breakfast was whole wheat pancakes with fresh strawberries, green grapes, peach slices, and blackberries, with a cheese and vegetable mostly-egg white omelet.)

I miss Sister.


Good Man’s orientation at grad school started today. “So what’d you talk about?” I asked him.

“The woman said to marry an American because America is so much bureaucracy.”


“She said that if you want to do stuff in America, you need a taxpayer number or social security number. But if you’re not working, you can’t get one really.” He shook his head, “And if you want to work on-campus, you can, but you have to study full-time to keep visa. So then if you work over 20 hours you can go half-time, and after nine months you can get an off-campus job, but you have to get permission. And you have to get an SSN. And it’s bullshit. Yeah.” He nodded, “So the woman said to meet a nice American and get married because then it’s a little easier.”

I laughed and said, “I’m pretty sure there’s just as much bureaucracy that way.”