Lust, Caution

Last night Good Man and I decided to have an in-house date night.

We headed over to Borders to get Lust, Caution. I had a 30% of coupon, as well as a $15 gift card. I’d called ahead and put the movie on hold, but it took them a good ten minutes to find it, so the manager gave me an additional $10 in coupons to use on my next visit. So total cost of the $30 movie? $6.29.

We then headed off to the grocery store and grabbed a frozen pizza and some “movie candy.” Much cheaper than going out to a movie.

And the movie! Wow. The costumes, the scenery—lovely, lovely. And Tang Wei. I really hope to see her in some more movies. She nearly seduced me. I was completely drawn into the movie. The entire time, I was paying very close attention to the screen, afraid to miss the details (and delightfully recognizing some Chinese characters).

A wonderful in-house date movie.