My students don’t know how to close the doors to the book bag closet. It makes me crazy.

I caught one student cheating off of another before 9 am.

Two students came in whining about having already lost their social studies homework (given to them yesterday, due Friday).

Another student came in this morning in a foul mood for an unknown reason and pouted through every activity with his jacket pulled over his head (until I finally took it off of his head and stuck it in the closet).

I was not in a good mood. At 8:45 we had a Nearly Come to Jesus Meeting* because I was so Not In a Good Mood. Things mostly improved after that (save the jacket head child).

Then I came home—after 6 pm mind you, because I had an endless meeting after school—to find I had a temperature of 100.2.

No wonder the kids drove me crazy today.

* Meaning there were no ultimatums, but rather, “And let’s review…how are we to come in in the morning…and what are we to do…and then what? And if…” It went quite well. I have nice kids.