Blood Type Diet

While looking for a recipe using pomegranates, I ran across the Blood Type Diet website.

“Hey, have you seen this?” I asked Good Man, “You’re supposed to eat different foods based on your blood type.”


I nodded, “I agreed, but Koreans like blood type, so I’m surprised it’s not in Korea yet. What’s your blood type?”

“A,” he answered, shaking his head.

“Apparently you’re supposed to be a vegetarian and I’m supposed to eat tons of red meat. And what are you supposed to do if you live with someone of another blood type? Cook two or three meals every time? Dumb.”

I thought about how Koreans judge people by blood type. Apparently B-boys are very bad to date. The year before I came to Korea, there was a movie out, My Boyfriend is Type B.

“[Good Man], you’re the only Korean guy I’ve gone out with who isn’t type B.”

Good Man looked at me. “How many boys—!?”