Taekwondo, Kimchi Jjigae, Fortune Cookies


Taekwondo has been going well. Not, mind you, because of the school owner, but because of Special Forces Instructor. He’s rather nice.

However. There are two kids in taekwondo now. Apparently they were gone during the summer (which is why I’d never met them) and they’re a diplomat’s son. Pakistan? Iran? I’ve heard a few different possibilities.

These kids are annoying. Very, very annoying. And spoiled. Monday evening, while we were doing sit-ups, they started throwing out random numbers just to confuse everyone. And they talked through the entire class. (This school is pretty formal about where you stand in line—eye roll—but not very concerned about minor talking in class. But these two just would not shut up.)

During Thursday’s class they were just plain rude and at one point I said to a Korean-American girl in class, “싫어!” I hate them! She said to Special Forces, “It’s so nice having another Korean in class!”

Kimchi Jjigae

Tuesday night, at Good Man’s request, I made kimchi jjigae.

I was a bit worried about making it, because it’s one of those Korean dishes that every family has their own recipe for. But I guess I did a good job, because Good Man had two servings of it!

After we had dinner, we went to the Obama office to do some volunteer work. As soon as we walked in, I heard, “Ms!”

It was one of my math students and she was there with her mother. I laughed and said hello to her and her mother, and told her mother that her daughter was one of my rock star students who had a solid A. (This student, like half my class, was in remedial math last year, so she’s a bit unsure of herself, but she gets it.)

While my math student read and studied, her mother made phone calls, and Good Man and I entered data with our laptops.

I really didn’t want to go to the office. This week has been report card week, and the quarter is nearly over, so everything’s been really busy. On top of it, Tuesdays I have an early meeting at work and I had several after-school meetings, too. And I was getting a cold. I just wanted to rest at home.

But like last time, I’m so glad we went. It was nice to meet some new people, and to feel like we are helping Obama’s campaign in some way.

And Good Man was so happy his eyes were shining. We walked in there and saw people on phones, people stuffing envelopes, people at computers, people running around, people on cell phones, people scarfing down take out and pizza. Cheering when someone got someone else to do something (“I just got this guy to come out to canvass for us…”) He was sort of in awe at what was going on, and just kept grinning.

(As a side note, I got a phone call Thursday night. “Hello?” No answer, so I repeated myself.

I heard a somewhat flustered, “Ms! This is Mrs. [Math Student’s Mother]! But I’m not calling about [Math Student], I’m calling on behalf of the Obama campaign! I’m here at the office. I dialed and then looked at the name and realized it must be you!”

I thought that was pretty funny.)

Fortune Cookies

Coming home from the campaign office, we were in front of the main building door when my foot hit something and made a crunching noise. I looked down and found three fortune cookies. One crunched, two in the clear. Someone ordered Chinese food and didn’t get their fortunes. We took the cookies inside and inspected them. They were unharmed, so we ate the two uncrunched ones.

For starting off as a head-coldy, stressed-out day, Tuesday ended up being pretty good.

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.

One thought on “Taekwondo, Kimchi Jjigae, Fortune Cookies

  1. Comment from: umma2kimchilovers [Visitor]
    Do you make your own kimchi also?
    I got your Korean cookbook from our local library and looked up Kimchi Jjigae. It used beef instead of pork. I thought it was supposed to be pork only.
    I spent the afternoon at our local Korean grocery store with your cookbook in hand so this week I am going to try making some of the recipes.
    09/21/08 @ 23:38

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Good Man says that it uses beef. I used pork when I made it because I don’t eat beef. I also hate seafood and refuse to eat it, so I don’t cook with it, which means the flavor of many Korean dishes would be slightly different.

    I have not tried making my own kimchi yet. We don’t eat enough of it to make making it worth it, especially since there are several Asian markets within 5 miles of our apartment!
    09/21/08 @ 23:42

    Comment from: umma2kimchilovers [Visitor]
    Thanks. I bought packaged kimchi from the market today because I am the only one eating it in our house. My 2 kimchilovers find the Kimchi a bit too spicy for their young palates.

    09/22/08 @ 00:02

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