Taking Care of Him

Whenever I walk into taekwondo, the School Owner says, “Amanda! How are you? How is [Good Man]? Are you making him happy? Take care of him.”

Mother and Father have asked me to take care of Good Man, too, but they know me. They know us. Mother and Father also tell Good Man to take care of me, and they tell us to be kind to each other. I like it when they say it.

When School Owner says it, I feel like he is coming from a different place. I don’t like where he’s coming from. It takes all of my self control not to smack the man or answer, “Yes, I take good care of him, but he ignores me for soju and gisaeng.”

Instead I just smile and say something inane like, “네, 저는 김치 찌개 요리했어요.” Yes, I made kimchi jjigae.