Oww, My Toe and Mother

I went to class tonight because this week is so hectic.

I wish I hadn’t.

We had the Weird Counting Teacher dude today, which meant a ton of conditioning. This is good, I suppose, but I totally smashed my toe against this brown belt during light contact sparring. Or rather, I got my toe smashed.

Brown belt has extremely powerful kicks. He also has no clue when to use all of his power and when to hold back a bit. It pisses me off every time I have to deal with him.

He smashed my toe to the point that I can’t walk.

On top of it, I gave myself a second-degree burn (which is blistering quite nicely) Sunday night while taking something out of the oven, and I was trying to be careful of it and he wasn’t listening when I told him to knock off trying to hit that forearm.

At least I got my two classes in this week.


Mother called us tonight.

“아만다… 내일…생일이야. Happy birthday!”

I laughed and thank her.

Mother speaks no English, so whenever she breaks it out, my heart warms.

Mother needs to learn how to speak Korean to me, though. She says, “Amanda…these are…the easy words…that you…know. ButnowIwill speakquicklythrough allthewords youdon’tknow!”


I am really missing Korea tonight.

It sucks, especially since Good Man has not gotten homesick yet (and he—being the Blue Frog he sometimes can be—claims he will never get homesick). My homesickness makes him feel jealous.