That Pot of Gold

“So we were driving through the City, and there was the most brilliant rainbow I’ve ever seen. It was a full arc, huge, beautiful. [Good Man] was shooting photos through the window while I was driving.”

Mark asked, “Did the rainbow stop at the Capitol Building with a pot of $700 billion worth of gold?”

We all laughed. “That’s going on the blog,” I said.

Hope There’s a Big Pot of Gold Waiting

Yesterday Good Man and I went to Johnny and Ashley’s, where we met Mark and Mark’s Lover. Johnny’s family is moving to another state soon, so this was our last chance to see them for a while. Ahh, we were sad, as Liam hasn’t even learned to call us 고모 and 고모부 yet (“father’s sister” and “father’s sister’s husband”).

We ate Chinese food, watched Blood Diamond, and just chatted a whole lot. Good Man learned a lot of slang. A lot of slang I hope he never uses…

Taekwondo Man in Training
Kwanjangnim’s Family Gave Liam this Shirt, so It’s Appropriate