Check, Check

“OK, have you ever written a check?” I ask Good Man. Checks don’t exist in South Korea. Well, “bank checks,” which are basically bills bigger than 10,000 won exist, but not checks as we have them in America.


“OK, so first put the date and name, then the amount…” I watch him and point, “You need to include the decimal-zero-zero for the cents.”

Good Man looks at me, “But there are no cents.”

“Right, that’s why you put zeros. Now, put the amount in written words…. And then write 00/100s and draw a horizontal line.”

Good Man lifts his pen from the page and stares at me. “Huh?”

“Like this,” I show him on some scratch paper.

Good Man sighs, “Why? This is crazy!”

“Because you don’t want people to steal the check and change numbers and stuff.”

“This is stupid. America should just do bank transfer like in Korea.”

I laugh and agree with him. I love bank transfers, and I wish America would switch to that method.