She Thinks I’m a Rock Star

Good Man and I tried to call Mother this weekend, to ask at which temperature she thought the ggakdugi should ferment, but when we called she wasn’t home.

Sunday morning we got a phone call from one very, very excited Mother. After greeting Good Man she launched into, “Amanda made 깍두기!” She’d seen it on my Cyworld page.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard Mother so excited about something.

She asked if we’d tried it yet, and Good Man told her we were having it for dinner along with spicy stir-fried pork. She told us to leave it outside until then and kept saying it looked good.

She told me I was a good cook and raved over the fact that I can cook Korean food.

Now, months ago Mother said she was going to give me recipes, but she hasn’t. If I’m such a good cook, where are the recipes, Mother? (Actually, I suspect that Mother doesn’t cook with recipes. I suspect that she said she’d give me some because saying “yes” was more comfortable than “no.”)

Mother also told me I looked thinner and I told her that I’ve lost some weight, and that Good Man has lost 9 kilos. I was worried she’d think I wasn’t feeding him enough, so I hastily added, “건강 음식을 먹고있어요…” We’re eating healthy food…

She said she knew that and “고마워! 고마워, 아만다!” Thank you, thank you, Amanda!

Mother is so funny.

Now, how did the daikon kimchi taste?

“Wow, This Is Really Delicious! Yeah, I’m Serious.”