Why I Don’t Teach Lower Elementary

I had to cover someone’s morning duty so I could leave early this afternoon to go to the foot doctor re: my broken toe. My job was to watch all of the second through sixth graders in the gym with the PE teacher.

A second grade student who didn’t know my name walked up to me. “Ms! Ms…um…?” I said my name and nodded for her to continue, “He told another boy that I like him!”

Oh please. Shoot me now. “Do you?” I asked as sweetly as I could.


“Then he’s being stupid. Go sit down.”

Her eyes turned into saucers and she gave me a “that’s it?” look and ran off.


So I went to the foot doctor and the foot doctor said that my fracture is actually worse than it was three weeks ago! How is that possible? I have been wearing that dumb blue orthopedic shoe constantly!

He called for another three weeks off of taekwondo and on the shoe.

Six weeks without taekwondo. Sigh. And it’s not even like I can substitute exercise here. I’m stretching and doing pushups (from the knees) and situps, but I can’t jump rope, I can’t walk to work… Arg!


So my new favorite Korean song is 브라운아이즈’s 가지마 가지마 (Brown Eye’s “Don’t Go Don’t Go”). Note, this is not the official video, because the official video has some weird donkey fetishization in it.

I can’t stop singing, “가지마~ 가지마~ 가지마~!” Kajima, kajima, kajima!

One thought on “Why I Don’t Teach Lower Elementary

  1. Comment from: william [Visitor] · http://psycho5728.wordpress.com/
    you listen to korean songs, too?

    i get obsessed with a new song every one or two weeks. it’s a great way to learn korean (especially vocabulary).

    the one i’m currently learning (and memorizing) is maya’s ‘azalea.’ goodman should know it. the lyrics are taken from an extremely famous korean poem. it’s one of those things all korean students have to memorize at some point in their academic lives. the lyrics are devastatingly sad, though. also the reason why i like it so much. i recommend.

    that brown eyes song? very nice.
    10/18/08 @ 07:06

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Yeah, I like listening to Korean music. I don’t tend to translate the songs. I find a song I’m really into, listen to it several times, look at the lyrics a few times with the music to clarify what I’m hearing, and I maybe translate the chorus. I don’t use the songs so much as active learning, but more a passive learning method. An enjoyable one.

    I find that months later, when I listen to the song again, a bunch of stuff pops out at me that I didn’t know before. It’s almost a measure of what I’ve learned.

    I can’t remember the song or the words now, but once some irregular conjugations and pronunciations made sense. Another time I heard a bunch of compound verbs. Another time I was focused on banmal. This “Don’t Go Don’t Go” song has that -처럼 in it, which I heard of a long time ago, but was reminded of on two unrelated Korean study sessions last week. Good timing.

    I still think of the beginning of MC Mong’s “Ice Cream” song to remember compass points, too. (동서남북.)

    (Another nice thing? None of the students at my school are Korean, so I can listen to the CDs in class and the lyrics are never inappropriate. There are two staff members who are Korean-American, but I’m not sure how fluent they are and they’re never in my room anyway.)
    10/18/08 @ 08:47

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