Foreign Is As Foreign Does

Last night Good Man said to me, “I could always tell Korean man at [University] because they dress like gay.” I laughed and he continued, “Seriously. And then they speak Korean, so I know, but do I dress just a little gay?” I shook my head and kept laughing, “And Korean woman! I always can tell because they dress Korean! Not like Chinese students.”

I had flashbacks of living in Korea and knowing immediately whether the foreigner I was talking to/spotted was American, Canadian, or from the UK.


“OK, hon, you need to learn how to cash a check and how to deposit it at an ATM. And you need to order checks. Monday, go to the bank and order checks! Please.”

Good Man nodded, “But I do not want to learn because it’s bullshit.”

I showed him how to do it, in any case.


I need to figure out why I want to continue studying Korean.