So now that I’ve vented about my reverse culture shock, next up is Korean.

I don’t know how in the world to study Korean any longer. Further, this weekend I couldn’t really figure out why I wanted to study Korean. When I lived in Korea, the benefits of studying Korean were immediately apparent. Here? Not so much.

But I know why I want to study Korean. I

want to be able to speak to Good Man’s family better,
expect to live in Korea again,
enjoy learning Korean,
like having a secret code to use with Good Man and others,
think it’s freakin’ awesome when I can understand an entire note from Master on my Cyworld page!,
like the coolness factor of learning an Asian language (sad, but true),
want to be bilingual,
think it’s important,
just want to—no explanation needed.

The problem is that my study methods aren’t really working here. In Korea I mostly did the Sogang book and focused on using it and hearing it around me. I did read and write, but it was mostly to reinforce what I’d learned and what I was orally using. I also met with a language exchange partner from time to time.

Since Good Man and I still haven’t managed to get even one day a week down to a Korean Only Day (any advice on this would be appreciated!), and I am now surrounded by English, this emphasis on speaking won’t work. I think I need to transfer to a more reading-based method, at least until I figure out how to get myself into Korean-speaking situations…

Good Man and I have joined a local Meetup group to practice Korean. We’ve gone to two meetings. Unfortunately, the easiest language to default to is English, and that’s what we tend to do so far, even with two or three Koreans in the meetings.

Any advice or thoughts are appreciated.